Preschool is a magical time for toddlers, as they take their first steps into the world of education. Education for toddlers is not just about learning ABCs and 123s. It is about creating an environment where they can learn and grow through fun activities. Toddlers do not know the difference between play and learning. That’s why learning through fun preschool activities is the key factor in preschool education. Fun preschool games and activities are exciting and entertaining ways for toddlers to stay active, stay well, and be happy. Engaging toddlers in

Summer camp is one of the most productive ways to make summer exciting. Weston School’s summer camp for kids offers fun and engaging activities designed to meet a child's physical and emotional well–being. Kids acquire valuable skills, make friends, and make great memories along the way. It's all about having a blast and learning new skills outside the regular classroom.  Weston School Summer Camp For Kids Weston School’s summer camp & school break program has exciting activities that encourage kids to learn while having fun. Each day brings a balanced blend of

Spending time outside with your children is a big priority, and with screens taking over their attention spans, it’s become even more difficult to get kids outside. Owning a playhouse or trampoline used to provide hours of fun, but with technology waiting inside, it’s hard to get kids playing, and playing is important to childhood development.  Not only that, but spending quality time with your kids can be challenging. You love your kids, of course, but relating to a six-year-old is not as easy as it might seem. Gardening offers a

The Holiday season is here, that time of year where you decide which toys your children might find most engaging or entertaining. Yet as you try to find the perfect toy, don’t forget that entertainment and education can often go hand in hand! We’ve compiled a list of a few toys to consider, by age group, that could be great choices for educational presents for your children.  Depending on your child’s age, there are different levels of educational toys that can teach them new skills while stimulating their imagination. Early childhood

Winter is finally here and the kids still have just as much energy as you would expect. Thankfully, Indianapolis offers plenty of fun activities fit for kids of all interests during the cold winter months. There’s more than enough fun to be had, especially when you know where to go! We list seven spots to keep in mind, but that doesn’t mean you should stop expanding your options as you explore. That said, here are a few ideas to help you get started:     Rhythm! Discovery Center   110 W. Washington Street, Suite A.,

It’s getting chilly and the kids are restless! Time to bundle up, plan a few fun activities, and get all the energy out. In this series, we’re going to highlight some of the best places to go in each of our location cities. Today, we start with Avon, Indiana. Enjoy these outdoor and indoor spots that are perfect for young children and families! 1. Washington Township Park 435 Whipple Lane, Avon, IN 46123 Parents and grandparents love taking the little ones to the beautiful Washington Township Park in Avon, Indiana. From paved trails and

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you listen to podcasts. In fact, a whopping 48 million Americans listen to podcasts on a weekly basis. But you might think that enjoying a podcast is an activity for grownups only. While that might have been the case in the early days of podcasting, now there are tons of options for family-friendly listening. No matter your child’s age, attention span, or interests, you’re sure to find something that will engage them— and you! Here are 10 podcasts you and your child will

While your baby might never tire of peekaboo or rolling a ball on the floor, you might begin to wonder if there’s something else you could do that would not only entertain your baby, but also help her learn. Good news! There are a variety of toys and games available that can develop your baby’s brain and give you more options when it’s time for play. #1: Make Music Even very young babies are entranced by sound. What better way to engage your baby than with an age-appropriate set of musical

  “Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more.” -Loris Malaguzzi While standardized tests are increasingly focused on the mechanics of reading, writing, and numeracy, parents and teachers everywhere also recognize the critical capacity of creativity. Far from being limited to the realm of artistic expression (as important as that is), creativity in children and adults manifests itself as: Flexibility and willingness to adapt to new circumstances. Problem-solving when formulas fail to produce the desired results. Making connections between

Summer has arrived and with that so has the million dollar question - what will I do to keep these kids from saying they are bored every 10 seconds?  Lucky for you, there are actually a great deal of activities in our community for parents with children.  And even better, many of them won’t break the bank! Several activities are well suited for children of all ages.  The most obvious that comes to mind is the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  Consistently ranked top in the nation, it offers activities for infants and