Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be an innovative early childhood education company dedicated to bringing the most advanced education and developmental programs to our students in safe and nurturing environment.

Our vision is to become a leader in the childcare industry, developing cutting-edge programs to advance the science and understanding of early childhood education, thus developing the future leaders of tomorrow.

Our Philosophy

Taking into account each child’s individualized background such as learning style, interest, personality, thought process, family background, and culture, the teachers tailor their interactions to each child to create the most positive and effective learning results.

We believe in learning through play and value every interaction a child has with the environment they are in and the teachers and fellow students they interact with. Our program guides these interactions through play to focus on the child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Our Commitment

At The Weston School we use the best research-based philosophies and practices to teach your child as they learn through play. We commit to making every day feel like fun experience, as our talented teachers use academically endorsed lesson plans to ensure your child has Success in School, Success in Life.

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