Spring into Learning: Fun and Educational Activities for Kids

Spring into Learning: Fun and Educational Activities for Kids   Cultivating an engaging teaching plan for preschoolers can be somewhat challenging, especially with antsy children who have been cooped up inside all winter. Keeping them involved and hands-on will really help to keep them engaged and ready to learn. The aim is to strengthen gross and fine motor skills and promote strong cognitive and behavioral development. At Weston Schools, we strongly believe that these skills play a very important role in a child’s overall development, so implementing them into our […]

How Weston School Prioritizes School Safety And Security?

The safety and well-being of students in schools are the most important concerns for parents and educators. Creating a safe learning environment is essential for the holistic development of children. School safety and security measures are not merely protocols and procedures; they represent a fundamental commitment to nurturing a conducive atmosphere where students can learn, grow, and thrive without fear or distraction. There is nothing more important than the safety and security of a child. Each day, when a child comes to The Weston School, parents entrust the school for […]

What Fun Preschool Activities Weston School Plans For Toddlers

Preschool is a magical time for toddlers, as they take their first steps into the world of education. Education for toddlers is not just about learning ABCs and 123s. It is about creating an environment where they can learn and grow through fun activities. Toddlers do not know the difference between play and learning. That’s why learning through fun preschool activities is the key factor in preschool education. Fun preschool games and activities are exciting and entertaining ways for toddlers to stay active, stay well, and be happy. Engaging toddlers […]

The Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In A Summer School Programs

As summer approaches, parents are faced with the question of how to make the most of their children’s time during the break. The answer often lies in the infinite benefits that summer school programs offer. Beyond being a source of fun, entertainment, and education, preschool summer camps and summer school programs play a crucial role in shaping a child’s holistic development.  Summer is a great time for children to enjoy and spend time doing things they love the most. The boundaries of school schedules can be taxing, so it’s no […]

Discover Joy And Learning in Summer Camps For Kids

Summer camp is one of the most productive ways to make summer exciting. Weston School’s summer camp for kids offers fun and engaging activities designed to meet a child’s physical and emotional well–being. Kids acquire valuable skills, make friends, and make great memories along the way. It’s all about having a blast and learning new skills outside the regular classroom.  Weston School Summer Camp For Kids Weston School’s summer camp & school break program has exciting activities that encourage kids to learn while having fun. Each day brings a balanced […]

The Importance Of Toddler Preschool Activities For Early Education

At preschool, your toddler is opening up their world, developing special friendships, learning words, and forming ideas. These are very important in shaping the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of a child. Purposeful play and nurturing guidance from teachers promote toddlers to think critically, solve problems, and communicate effectively.  Why Are Toddler Preschool Activities Essential? Toddler preschool activities provide nurturing and balanced learning experiences, helping your toddlers learn to think in bigger ways as they build active minds and healthy bodies. Learning begins from the very first day a […]

Why The Weston School is the Best Preschool Near You

A good education is the foundation of a progressive life. Choosing the right preschool for children is essential. Weston School is known for its excellence, as it helps nurture and enrich young minds holistically. The Weston School is not just the best preschool near you but a place where the foundations of lifelong learning are established.  Why is Weston School The Best Preschool Near You?  1. A Curriculum That Inspires At Weston School, the curriculum is designed in a way that goes beyond the basics and inspires curiosity, creativity and […]

Starting a Back to School Routine

Starting a Back to School Routine As strange as it may seem, summer break is already nearing its end. Parents across the country are preparing to send kids back to either an actual school or online learning, and that means developing new back-to-school routines that work best for everybody.  Any parent knows that trying to meet challenges as they arise is a recipe for disaster. Planning is an important part of raising children, and going back to school any year, but especially this year, is no exception. To make sure […]

Preparing for a New, Different School Year

As the nation continues to deal with COVID-19 and its variety of effects, your children will be returning to school this fall in a new way. What this means is still up in the air for many areas; it could mean more online learning, or it could mean a return to the classroom with procedures in place aimed at keeping kids safe. We’re here for you. We’ve recently written blogs to teach you how to talk to kids about COVID-19, how to avoid summer sickness, and how to social distance […]

Avoiding Summer Sickness With Your Children

After months of social distancing and quarantine time at home, it’s understandable that, with summer now upon us, you’d like to get out of the house in some capacity, whether that’s a trip to the park for a picnic or a few days at a state park.  However, the coronavirus COVID-19 is not gone, and it’s up to you to figure out what activities you’re comfortable with, as well as how to keep your family as safe as possible when leaving the house for long periods of time. In this […]

Outdoor Gardening Ideas with Your Kids

Spending time outside with your children is a big priority, and with screens taking over their attention spans, it’s become even more difficult to get kids outside. Owning a playhouse or trampoline used to provide hours of fun, but with technology waiting inside, it’s hard to get kids playing, and playing is important to childhood development.  Not only that, but spending quality time with your kids can be challenging. You love your kids, of course, but relating to a six-year-old is not as easy as it might seem. Gardening offers […]

Healthy Habits for Families with Children While Social Distancing

While the most obvious and important priority in your life right now is keeping yourself and your family safe, social distancing has a few smaller, less apparent dangers, including bad habits becoming much easier to fall into. The same goes for your children.  With everyone home all the time, it can get exhausting trying to make sure everyone is spending their free time well, eating nutritious meals, and getting their work and school done. To help, we’ve come up with some of the best ways to build healthy habits during […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus

The coronavirus COVID-19 continues to sweep the globe and even as the curve begins to flatten, the virus is not gone. More than that, the noise around and about this virus continues to get louder, often becoming not only frightening but difficult to discern in its accuracy. It’s already challenging enough for adults to figure out how to act and feel, let alone a child.  Speaking to your children about the coronavirus can sound like a tall order – and it is! – but it’s also crucial. Children are extremely […]

How to Care for the Emotional Needs of Children During Coronavirus

The highest priority for everyone during this difficult time is keeping their family as safe as possible by following the CDC guidelines, wearing protective gear, and washing their hands and surfaces. However, beyond your family’s physical health, it’s also vital to do everything you can to protect your mental health as well.  For children, this can be even more challenging, as children are less predictable. They don’t know their own feelings like adults do, and it’s much harder for someone young to handle the uncertainty and fear that comes with […]

Your Child’s Health & Safety is Our Top Priority

ABC’s & 123’s Learning Centers has always made the safety and wellbeing of our children our top priority.   As we navigate through this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic together, we want to assure you that we are working harder than ever to provide a safe environment for your family. Enhanced Disinfectant Procedures Our strict cleaning and disinfecting procedures have always adhered to CDC guidelines, however, with the onset of this outbreak, we have taken further steps in our hand washing and disinfecting procedures.  All staff members wear face masks.  Teachers conduct […]

The Importance of Your Child Meeting Diverse Friends

Recently, diversity has become something of a buzzword; it’s used so frequently though that it has lost a lot of meaning. Some groups use diversity in shallow ways, as if it’s only somewhat important, when the truth is diversity, at its fullest, is incredibly meaningful, leading to better connection, growth, and lives for everyone.  One of the best ways to make sure your child understands the importance of genuinely practiced diversity is by encouraging them to make friends with children different than them. In this month’s post, we’ll explain the […]

More Than Toys: Educational Presents for Your Children

The Holiday season is here, that time of year where you decide which toys your children might find most engaging or entertaining. Yet as you try to find the perfect toy, don’t forget that entertainment and education can often go hand in hand! We’ve compiled a list of a few toys to consider, by age group, that could be great choices for educational presents for your children.  Depending on your child’s age, there are different levels of educational toys that can teach them new skills while stimulating their imagination. Early […]

Teaching Your Toddler the Importance of Gratitude

It’s difficult for a child – especially a toddler – to understand what gratitude is, and why they should feel it in the first place. With a lack of perspective as to just how massive the world is, along with just how much their parents give them, it’s up to those same parents to teach them to be grateful, and starting at a young age goes a long way.  Today on our blog, with Thanksgiving coming up, we’ll dive into why teaching your toddler to show appreciation and return kindness […]

NOW OPEN: Our Newest Learning Center Location in Noblesville, IN

ABC’s & 123’s Learning Centers is opening a new location in Noblesville, IN at 2291 Greenfield Avenue. Learn how this new location will help us create more innovative, engaging learning opportunities for young learners with high-quality, collaborative technology.

Screen Time for Young Kids: What Does the Research Say?

For most iGen kids, screen time is the coin of the realm— and don’t their parents know it! Screen time is used to incentivize (“If you use the potty, you can watch a cartoon!”) as well as to punish (“Keep up that behavior and you’ll lose screen time for a week!”). And while most parents have used it to gain a few minutes of peace at one time or another to complete a task or regroup after a long day at work, they know that they should put limits on […]