How Weston School Helps Families with Preschool Enrollment 2024

Preschools prepare children for life in school. Preschools are important because they introduce a structured environment to the child, which the child will have to encounter in kindergarten. Preschool programs are crucial for a smooth transition into kindergarten. Preschools are preferred over daycares as they provide high-quality enriching programs that promote social and emotional development that are beneficial in the long run.

What Age Do Kids Start Preschool in Indiana?

Most schools start accepting children from around the age of 2 ½ years while some wait till the Children reach the age of 3-5 years to be eligible to be admitted into the preschool enrolment 2024 program. Students must be 3 years old on or before August 31.

If the child is three years, then they might have to go to pre-k or preschool for two years, attend preschool and pre-k for one year each or do two years of preschool, it all depends on what the child’s age is and on the school being preferred.
Challenges Parents Face in Finding Preschools Near Them.

Finding the right preschool for your child can be very difficult and frustrating for any parent that is looking to provide what is best for their child. The following factors should be considered when looking for a suitable preschool near you.


A preschool that is ideally located in close proximity to the house or work should be preferred. This can prove to be challenging as some areas have limited options or the ones close by do not suit the needs of the parent. If the preschool is far away, then the time spent travelling exhausts both the child and the parent.


It is important for any parent to make a thorough enquiry about the school either by fellow parents, reading reviews, looking the school up on social media pages and reading their websites to get an idea about what a parent can expect from the school.

It is essential for every parent to know if the preschool they are considering is well equipped in terms of safety and security.


Since every school varies in the fees they charge, hence it is important for any parent to consider if the preschool tuition fits their budget.


Every preschool differs in the curriculum they offer. Some schools offer a Montessori or a Waldorf style of teaching, hence it is necessary for a parent to know which type of curriculum best suits the needs of their child.


Interacting with the teachers to determine if they are well qualified and experienced enough to be in charge of your child’s well being is an important factor to consider while finding the best preschool near you.

Early Childhood Education at Weston School

Weston School offers high quality preschool and childcare programs. We extend our care to children starting from 6 weeks till 12 years of age. We believe that every child is unique in their own way therefore we strive to encourage their individual physical, cognitive and social needs. We offer age-appropriate curriculum, encourage thinking, decision making and problem solving that help children develop and expand their knowledge. Our learning center offers a consistent and nurturing environment with a caring staff that has credentials in early childhood education in addition to classroom experience.

How Weston School Helps Families with Enrollment to Preschool 2024.

Weston school helps families with the enrolment process by providing aid in the following


Information sessions are typically organized by the school and aim to highlight specific program information and opportunities for students. These sessions mainly address the school curriculum, all the activities that are available at school and address any questions the parents might have regarding the admission process. Such sessions are essential for helping the parents make decisions regarding the enrollment. If interested the parents are recommended to book appointments for the first half of the day so they can use the other half of the session to tour the school and make an assessment. We are flexible to accommodate whatever time suits you to visit us.


By hosting orientation sessions WESTON SCHOOLS encourage parents and the prospective students get familiarized with the school environment and feel welcomed. During these sessions parents get an opportunity meet the teachers to discuss their childs interests and routines and decide if the school is a right fit for their child. Orientation sessions are especially important for the educators to get to know the family and understand the child to make a smooth transition into preschool.


WESTON SCHOOL contributes to a positive enrollment experience for parents by maintaining open communication channels with the school. These are necessary to keep the parents informed and up to date through-out the application process.
These channels include

EMAIL UPDATES: – Keeping the parents informed and updated about the enrollment Deadlines, to know where their child stands on the waiting list.

PHONE CALLS: – WESTON SCHOOL provides parents with contact information to keep in touch with the school office or other staff in case they might have any questions or any concerns in the enrollment process. You can call our office at (317) 328-8988 during school hours to get all the information you need about Preschool enrollment 2024 at WESTON SCHOOL.

SOCIAL MEDIA: – Parents can keep themselves updated with the school’s enrollment information and updates via our website Our school website is designed keeping parents needs in mind. We make your needs our priority for our website design and architecture by dedicating an area where you can find the information you are looking for quickly.


WESTON SCHOOL provides parents with all the resources they might need to streamline the enrollment process and avoid any confusions during paperwork.

Here is a list of resources we provide to help navigate the enrollment process.


We provide you with a checklist that contains all the list of paperwork that will be required to be submitted for enrollment like documents, forms and fees.


We provide parents with a digital copy of all the forms to be filled by the parents and all the list of documents required such medical records, emergency contact information and consent forms, we also provide guidance on how to fill the forms. Visit our website to know more.


We help keep the parents aware of the deadlines of preschool enrollments through our open communication channels and also inform about the dates of events we r hosting at our school like orientation sessions.


If needed, we provide families coming from diverse linguistic backgrounds with documents translated to their understanding. You can call our school office at (317) 328-8988 or visit our website to know more.

Financial Aid Guidance

We at WESTON SCHOOL understand that cost is an important factor to consider while enrolling a child in a preschool, therefore we help families that may require financial guidance for tuition fees and other fees. Weston school focuses on providing compassionate childcare services, we are able to extend our reach to all children by participating in state funded programs.

FINANCIAL AID COUNCELLORS: – We have staff or volunteers to help parents on various financial aid programs that are state funded like CHILD CARE AND DEVELOPMENT FUND(CCDF), and On My Way Pre-K , assisting with administration of one or more federal, state or institutional financial aid programs. Our staff can help parents fill the forms and have an individual guidance session navigating the financial aid in the enrollment process.

ONLINE RESOURCES: – We can provide parents with website links to website links about financial aid options like scholarships, tuition assistance programs and loans. You can call our school office at (317) 328-8988 to get more details.

FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLANS: – Enrollment for schools can be challenging. Many families have budget constraints, keeping these financial burdens in mind WESTON SCHOOL has come up with options available to make things easy. Our tuition payment plans help break down the fees into affordable monthly payments. The payment options are flexible don’t let cost stop you from getting quality childcare! Call us or visit our website to know more details on our various payment plans.