Welcome to the official website of Weston School. The confidentiality and protection of the personal details of our students and registered customers are guaranteed. This privacy policy document of Weston School outlines the terms and conditions for viewers and customers. The document also specifies details of how this website collects, protects, uses, and discloses student’s personal information.


In this document, you may come across the terms “we” and “our” which refer to the Weston School website, and the terms “you” and “your” refer to the viewer reading this document.


Customer information collection

Weston School requires the personal data of students and registered customers for various purposes. During the course of registration at Weston School, personal data of students and their parents are collected. A few details of viewers visiting this website may also be collected. Additionally, the IP and MAC addresses of users/viewers of this website are collected irrespective of their registration with Weston School. The following personal data are collected from the form:

  • Name, date of birth, address, email address of the student
  • Professional details of the parents
  • Health details of the student
  • Previous educational details of the student.


Uses of collected information

Details of the Weston School’s registered customers and students are collected to provide the best early childhood education services to our students. Personal data also helps in final billing and communication with the students and parents as and when required.


Third-party disclosure of information

Weston School does not support the sharing or disclosure of personal information of our students and their parents with any third-party platforms/websites/brands. We ensure the confidentiality of the personal details of our students and their parents.


In cases of legalities and order from the court, the data of customers may be shared with the legal authorities.


Children’s policy

As per the enforced law in the USA, we do not intend to collect the personal information of minors other than those required for admission purposes. In case we mistakenly procure any unnecessary personal information of a minor, we commit to erasing the same at the earliest opportunity.


Your rights

As a student or registered guardians of Weston School, our users are assured of exercising certain rights regarding their performal information shared with us. The rights are:

  • Personal data may be requested to amend any personal detail that you believe is wrong or irrelevant now
  • You may request to not disclose any of your personal details for payment, billing, services
  • You may request to access a copy of your details stored at Weston School
  • You can request us to share your confidential information with you in any legal mode of communication
  • All our customers at Weston School are assured of quick notification in case of a security breach with their personal information


Website access terms and conditions

  • Weston School does not guarantee the validity of information on this website. It is advised for users to visit or contact Weston School for concrete information
  • The details on this website are subject to change without notice
  • We or any third-party platform/website/institute do not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided on this website. The scope of error or misinformation is not our liability under the fullest extent of the law
  • Our website may contain links to third-party websites which are intended solely for your convenience. We do not endorse or recommend any third-party brand.


Changes to privacy policy

Weston School has the sole discretion of all the information provided on this website. These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time as per our convenience and requirements. Weston School holds the right to amend any of the terms and conditions of its privacy policy. 


We assure to inform our registered customers about any change/update/removal of privacy policy through the registered contact details.