Toddlers are curious and eager to explore it all. Whether it’s a new toy or a new environment, everything is worthy of close examination to a toddler.

In the Toddlers Classrooms, we explore numbers, formulate language, discover musical and artistic abilities, while absorbing the world around them.

Success in School

  • Uses simple words and phrases to communicate through gestures.
  • Counts the number sequence 1-5.
  • Demonstrates curiosity and asks for more information.
  • Develops gross motor control along with coordination and balance.
  • Experiments with vocalizations, sounds and instruments.

Success in Life

  • Follows directions given.
  • Uses communication skills to resolve conflicts.
  • Builds and imitates friendship skills.
  • Shows independence by occasionally resisting adult support.
  • Demonstrates empathy towards others.

Toddler Care Offered At The Weston Schools

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