As the nation continues to deal with COVID-19 and its variety of effects, your children will be returning to school this fall in a new way. What this means is still up in the air for many areas; it could mean more online learning, or it could mean a return to the classroom with procedures in place aimed at keeping kids safe. We’re here for you. We’ve recently written blogs to teach you how to talk to kids about COVID-19, how to avoid summer sickness, and how to social distance in

ABC’s & 123’s Learning Centers has always made the safety and wellbeing of our children our top priority.   As we navigate through this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic together, we want to assure you that we are working harder than ever to provide a safe environment for your family. Enhanced Disinfectant Procedures Our strict cleaning and disinfecting procedures have always adhered to CDC guidelines, however, with the onset of this outbreak, we have taken further steps in our hand washing and disinfecting procedures.  All staff members wear face masks.  Teachers conduct a deep

As children go back to school this fall, maybe you’re starting to think about getting your little one ready for Kindergarten next year! Now is a good time to start thinking about it and preparing your child for his or her first year of school. Kindergarten is a major turning point for kids. A smooth transition will help your child deal with transitions, develop positive self-esteem, learn independence, and tackle obstacles.  You can do so much to help your child succeed in these moments. At ABC’s and 123’s Learning Centers, our mission

Parents of kids with separation anxiety know just how difficult school drop off can be in the mornings. Kids may cry, plead, scream, or cling to their parents during this time, even though most of them are fine as soon as their parents leave their sight. The fear and anxiety some kids feel about this can be overwhelming to parents, who might feel doubt and uncertainty. Are we doing the right thing? Is she ready? How can I help him be more confident and less afraid? As childcare providers, we understand

Developing friendships is an important life skill—one that seems very natural, but can actually be difficult to teach.  Good friends build our self-esteem, help us understand who we are, support and encourage us, and show us how to care about others.  On the flip side, learning to cope with the negative aspects of having friends, such as differences in opinion or broken trust are just as important. Help your child learn to become a better friend by practicing skills like: Understanding. Teaching your child to consider different perspectives and viewpoints is both