Tips for Success This School Year

The start of the school year is right around the corner. To help make things easier for you and your kids, we’ve gathered a few tips for success and good habits that can make a big difference.

1) Get Homework Done Before Dinner

Putting off homework until the end of the night is a self-perpetuating cycle. Kids aren’t at their best when they’re tired, which means homework takes longer, which means they get less sleep, which means they’re even more tired the next night.

Break the cycle before it begins by helping your children do their homework in the afternoon while they’re still feeling fresh and alert. The homework will take less time and they’ll enjoy the free time after dinner.

2) Discuss Books to Promote Comprehension

Learning is different for each one of us, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. In fact, people generally learn better when they have a chance to discuss what they’re reading. Take time to discuss what your children are studying with them. Or set them up with a study group where they can discuss what they read with their peers.

3) Healthy Breakfast with Time to Digest

Mornings are usually extremely rushed, especially when you’re already tired and trying to cram in a little extra sleep. It can be really tempting to just grab sugary cereal or toaster pastries, but resist that temptation. Instead, try to make sure that your children eat a healthy breakfast, and then have time to fully digest before getting down to work.

The best way to do this? Get an early start. Even 15 minutes can mean the difference between a real breakfast that will give them the fuel they need and a junky breakfast on their way out the door.

4) Consistent Bedtime

One of the best ways to get that early start is by having a consistent bedtime. This helps set children’s sleep cycles on a schedule, which means they fall asleep faster and the sleep is better quality. It also allows you to control the amount of sleep they get so you can be sure they’re getting enough.

5) Before & After School Programs

Before-school and after-school programs, like the kind at ABC’s and 123’s Learning Center can be a lot of help in building all of these habits. After-school programs give them a place to work on their homework, discuss their studies with friends, and burn off energy so they’ll be ready for that consistent bedtime. Before-school programs give them time to digest their breakfast and a place to prepare for the day.

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