I’m late to pick up the kids from school…. again. I hate this.   Four o-clock, and the sun shines like the day is ready to burst with potential. But instead of playing in the grass or doing cartwheels with my kids, I’m stuck in traffic. Traffic moves at five miles an hour, and at every mile marker, I can feel my energy draining. 401_Gridlock Most of us wish there were more hours in the day. Enough to complete a full day of work, run errands, help kids with homework, eat a home-cooked meal, AND get some play time in. The good news is that there are other options to make the most of the hours we do have.

For a student, field trips are one of the most anticipated events in their school year. While it is enjoyable, they also receive valuable learning experiences that happen away from the classroom and create lasting memories that will further enhance their education. For learning purposes, the benefits of field trips are endless! Here are four of the top places Indiana students love that provide a excellent learning experiences: