ABC’s Student Quotes: A Few of Our Favorite Things!

This month’s blog collects a few quotes from our students about their favorite things plus some photos of our wonderful students! Take a look:

Chinaya—“When me and my family went swimming at the beach”

Faolin—“My favorite thing to do is play and be nice to my friends”

DJ—“Going to Chuck E. Cheese and seeing Chuckie”

Alex—“I like to do everything”

Leohna—“My favorite thing to do is painting”Untitled2

Camryn—“To play home living with friends”

Vanessa—“Dinosaurs down and up on chocolate slide!”

Ben—“Go eat ice cream with my mom”

Madison—“To play bears”

Maddilyn—“Playing with Maddi in foam”Untitled3

Carter—“Playing cars with my dad in my room”


Ethan—“To go outside and play with Brayden”

Brayden—“To play video games. Minecraft”

Natalie—“To read, I Stink!Untitled4

Clara—“I like to play with paint!”

Caleb—“I like fire trucks!”

Ellis—“I like to play with the caterpillar!”

Natalie—“I like babies!”

Scarlett—“I like to paint!”


Troy—“I like to play cars!”

Joshua—“I like toys!”


Madison—“To draw.