Importance of Early Childhood Education Early childhood refers to a child’s age starting from birth till about age 6, A child’s early years are the foundation of their future development. During this time a child’s brain is said to be growing and developing rapidly. Early childhood education plays a vital role in the child’s ability to develop cognitive skills and social experiences including learning to interact with others and developing interests thereby building a strong foundation that will help them in their school and life. When Should You Enroll Your Child in

Preschools prepare children for life in school. Preschools are important because they introduce a structured environment to the child, which the child will have to encounter in kindergarten. Preschool programs are crucial for a smooth transition into kindergarten. Preschools are preferred over daycares as they provide high-quality enriching programs that promote social and emotional development that are beneficial in the long run. What Age Do Kids Start Preschool in Indiana? Most schools start accepting children from around the age of 2 ½ years while some wait till the Children reach the age