Top 4 Field Trip Spots in Indiana

For a student, field trips are one of the most anticipated events in their school year. While it is enjoyable, they also receive valuable learning experiences that happen away from the classroom and create lasting memories that will further enhance their education. For learning purposes, the benefits of field trips are endless! Here are four of the top places Indiana students love that provide a excellent learning experiences:


4. Holliday Park (Indianapolis)

With over 95 acres of wooden ravines, winding trails, natural springs and the beautiful White River, Holliday Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Indiana. On top of the beauty, the Nature Center within the park is staffed with skilled educators and outdoor experts that are dedicated to providing students with fun facts and amazing stories. If you haven’t been there before, there is never a bad time to visit!

field_tips_spots_NaturePark3. McCloud Nature Park (North Salem)

At 232 acres, McCloud Nature Park is a premier location where visitors can enjoy trails, Big Walnut Creek, Nature Center activities, and view a large variety of wildlife. The park includes interactive exhibits, a restored 101-year old iron bridge, and an excellent resource library and education center. This location is excellent for sightseeing and gaining a unique perspective about nature and wildlife.

field_tips_spots_familyFarm2. Waterman’s Family Farm (Indianapolis)

The history of agriculture in The Midwest is as rich as the soil that lies beneath it. Waterman’s Family Farm has worked tirelessly for generations to preserve that history by providing a reliable supply of healthy, fresh produce as well as making the small farm experience accessible to the larger public. Tours of this farm are extremely beneficial as students learn the importance of preserving historical agriculture within our community.

field_tips_spots_childrenMuseum1. The Indianapolis Children’s Museum (Downtown Indianapolis)

Located downtown Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is the largest in the nation. From seasonal celebrations to unbelievable exhibits, the Indy Children’s Museum has something to provide for every age group and every learning style. You could go to enjoy the waterworks exhibit that allows students to build canals and building or even attend the historical dinosaur exhibit. There is always something to do here year round which is why it is known as the best place for fun and educational field trips in Indiana.