Kindergarten Checklist for Parents

As children go back to school this fall, maybe you’re starting to think about getting your little one ready for Kindergarten next year! Now is a good time to start thinking about it and preparing your child for his or her first year of school.

Kindergarten is a major turning point for kids. A smooth transition will help your child deal with transitions, develop positive self-esteem, learn independence, and tackle obstacles.  You can do so much to help your child succeed in these moments.

At ABC’s and 123’s Learning Centers, our mission is to make sure that all children who complete our preschool program are more than prepared and set up for ultimate academic success in Kindergarten. What are some of the things your child should be able to accomplish before heading off to school?

Developmental Readiness Checklist

My child can…

  • Manage feelings and identify their own emotions in words
  • Listen to directions and follow multiple steps
  • React to social cues
  • Display empathy towards others, share and take turns
  • Understand cause and effect relationships
  • Use tools like a pencil, scissors, marker, glue
  • Ask for help or tell an adult when something is wrong
  • Tie their own shoes
  • Use the restroom and take care of basic needs

Academic Readiness Checklist

My child can…

  • Sing or recite the alphabet
  • Write their own name
  • Hold and manipulate books
  • Have conversations about books and topics
  • Recognize letters and knows their sounds
  • Recognize numbers and count to 10
  • Name simple shapes
  • Understand the concept that numbers represent a quantity
  • Investigate the world and is curious about new concepts
  • Ask questions to learn more about the world

Our preschool professionals are working with your child every day on these tasks and much more to make sure they are academically, emotionally, and developmentally ready for school! With your help at home, they will be excited and anxious to get started on this new adventure!

In the months before school starts, follow these 6 steps to success in Kindergarten!

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