10 Podcasts You and Your Child Will Love

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you listen to podcasts. In fact, a whopping 48 million Americans listen to podcasts on a weekly basis. But you might think that enjoying a podcast is an activity for grownups only.

While that might have been the case in the early days of podcasting, now there are tons of options for family-friendly listening. No matter your child’s age, attention span, or interests, you’re sure to find something that will engage them— and you!

Here are 10 podcasts you and your child will love to listen to together.

Podcast #1: Circle Round

Looking for something fun for story time? Boston’s NPR station WBUR presents Circle Round, a storytelling podcast specially created for kids between the ages of 4 and 10. (Don’t let the age limit deter you— these stories are culled from folktales from around the world, and they’ll hold the interest of even the most jaded listener.) Ranging from 10-20 minutes, each episode explores topics like kindness, generosity, and persistence. New episodes drop on Tuesdays, and there’s a hefty backlog of episodes!

Podcast #2: Story Pirates

The Story Pirates seek a one-of-a-kind treasure: the most original kids’ stories they can find, from real kids around the country. They bring with them a crew of top-notch actors, comedians, improvisers, and musicians to bring these imaginative tales to life. Founded in 2004, the Story Pirates started as an improv show, then morphed into a radio show, a podcast, and now a live show that performs from coast to coast. Episodes run between 20-30 minutes, offering a perfect amount of entertainment for the whole family.

Podcast #3: Ear Snacks

Hosts Andrew and Polly are award-winning musicians who bring their equally talented friends to sing songs and teach kids about topics ranging from DNA to seahorses. Exploration is always on the agenda, and kids and parents alike love to learn with Andrew and Polly and friends. Episodes range from 15-20 minutes, and they’re best suited for younger audiences.

Podcast #4: Wow in the World

Do you have a budding scientist on your hands? They’ll love NPR’s Wow in the World, a podcast that explores the most recent news about science and technology. Running between 20-30 minutes, you’ll get a fun take on a variety of topics ranging from brain freeze to black holes. Created for kids by parents Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, this podcast is suitable for kids of all ages.

Podcast #5: Eleanor Amplified

Another fun offering from NPR, Eleanor Amplified follows the adventures of world-renown radio reporter Eleanor Amplified, who outwits villains and uncovers devious plots as she works to crack a big story. While this podcast is appropriate for kids of all ages, it will be best appreciated by your tweens, sparking interesting conversation about journalism and the pursuit of truth.

Podcast #6: Brains On!

Kids have questions— a lot of questions. Now, you’ve got a podcast that can take the heat off you when they ask how animals breathe underwater or do we all see the same colors? (Both of these questions— and dozens more!— are covered in episodes of the podcast.) If you’ve got a particularly curious kid, this is the podcast for you!

Podcast #7: Peace Out

Everyone can benefit from meditation— even preschoolers. This podcast offers short stories that calm your children through guided visualization and breathing exercises. If you’re looking for a good cool down podcast to get your kids in the right frame of mind for bedtime, this podcast is an excellent tool.

Podcast #8: Dream Big

If you want to encourage your child to pursue their passions, the Dream Big podcast can be a major source of inspiration. Host Eva Karpman (age 9) and her mom Olga interview people who love what they do and live out their dreams. Performers, producers, writers, athletes, and CEOs have taken the time to chat with this mother-daughter duo, inspiring kids and parents alike!

Podcast #9: What If World

This charming podcast takes a favorite question of all children— “What if…?”— and turns it into a crazy story that will entertain you and your kids and sneak in some life lessons. (It’s the storytelling equivalent of slipping veggies into your child’s mac and cheese.) Host Mr. Eric explores questions like, “What if donuts came to life and went on a journey to find toppings?” or “What if I could fly over traffic?” Kids of all ages (and their parents) will be entertained by Eric’s antics.

Podcast #10: The Past and the Curious

HIstory is fun! No, seriously— when host Mick Sullivan and his pals talk about it, history comes to life in a way that’s engaging for parents and kids alike. In addition to sharing stories that teach you about the past, Mick also brings music into the mix, playing songs from the period to add to the general ambiance. The family will learn about popular historical figures as well as those who are less appreciated, reminding us that history is still relevant.

Podcasts can teach your children, but nothing can replace the value of a caring school community with experienced teachers. If you’re interested in learning more about ABC’s & 123’s vision for our students, contact us today!