Why The Weston School is the Best Preschool Near You

A good education is the foundation of a progressive life. Choosing the right preschool for children is essential. Weston School is known for its excellence, as it helps nurture and enrich young minds holistically. The Weston School is not just the best preschool near you but a place where the foundations of lifelong learning are established. 

Why is Weston School The Best Preschool Near You? 

1. A Curriculum That Inspires

At Weston School, the curriculum is designed in a way that goes beyond the basics and inspires curiosity, creativity and imagination. The curriculum integrates STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and LEAP (Learning through exploration and active participation) programs with language and literacy, ensuring a comprehensive education and learning.

2. Personalized Learning Experiences

Every child is unique in terms of interests, learning pace and learning style. Some are good at solving puzzles, while others are good at reciting. Teachers of Weston School adopt a personalized approach to help children with their learning and educational needs. Thus creating an environment where children feel valued, understood and supported in their educational journey. The school also organizes summer camps to enable children to have a better learning experience and fun through exciting activities outside the classroom.

3. A Focus on Emotional and Social Skills

The classroom is an environment where children gain experience in their social and emotional skills. These skills can be worked into every part of the school day, from how children are greeted at the door to the room’s overall atmosphere.

Here are some ways Weston School promotes social-emotional development in the classroom: 


  • Daily greetings
  • Group activities
  • Practice sharing
  • Active listening exercises
  • Discussions about managing emotions


  • A culture of kindness and supportiveness
  • Encouragement of positive self-talk
  • Being observant and respectful to each other
  • Sharing experiences and setting an example
  • Praising and encouraging behaviors like sharing and being helpful to one another.

4. State-of-the-Art Facilities

Weston School campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as a smart board, air filtration system, UV system, biometric fingerprint check-in system, classroom cameras, thermal imaging, and more. The campus offers an engaging and secure environment, whether it is the outdoor play areas that encourage physical activities or technology-enabled classrooms that facilitate interactive learning. The premises of the campus are safe and spacious, which gives children the opportunity to connect with nature and develop their physical abilities.

5. Passionate Teachers

The Weston School teachers are energetic, warm, and deeply committed to fostering a loving environment to help children learn and grow. They help children improve their reading and writing skills, build social skills, promote emotional growth, and inspire a love for learning through play-based activities. The school’s teachers are skilled at creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child feels valued and supported.

6. Community and Family Engagement

Understanding the importance of family and community in a child’s education, Weston School actively fosters a strong home-school connection. Regular communication, family events, and community projects are integral parts of the school’s culture. This inclusive approach ensures that families are engaged and informed in the child’s educational journey. By providing regular updates, workshops, and events, families are kept involved and informed in every step. 

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Tips to Choose the Best Preschool Near You

1. Narrow Down the List of Preschools

Select and identify the preschools within and around the neighborhood. Start by prioritizing the area, the school’s operating hours, and the cost. Make sure to recheck the shortlisted preschools.

2. Know More About The Teachers

Teachers can bring out the best in children. In most preschools, parents are allowed to attend school to observe how the children and teachers interact. This can help parents verify whether the teachers show children the necessary affection and attention. Additionally, you can also measure the teacher-to-student ratio at that particular preschool. 

3. Safety of Your Children is Paramount

Children require additional safety. Ensure the school has CCTV surveillance, security personnel, and medical assistance. 

4. Communication is Essential

There are two major communications that parents should keep a check on to have a better understanding of the overall educational growth and school activities. These are primarily done by the school and teachers. With active communication with teachers, parents can gauge how well the children are doing and if there are any

gaps that need to be filled. With school-level communication, parents can stay updated about all the events and activities of the school to ensure the active participation and engagement of the children. 

Weston School is a great choice for a child to grow in all directions. It’s not just the best preschool near you; it’s a place where a child’s potential is nurtured, curiosity is encouraged, and young minds are prepared for the incredible journey of lifelong learning that lies ahead. Join us at Weston School, where every day is a step towards a brighter future. 


1. What is Taught On the First Day of Indiana Preschool?

Answer: Here is a list of some activities for the children on the first day of school- ● Read a book 

  • Have a classroom tour or scavenger hunt
  • Play a “get to know the teacher” game
  • Sticker name activity.
  • Play the “our favorite things” activity.
  • Invite children to co-create classroom rules and procedures.
  • Pass the ball.
  • First-day self-portrait.

2. Does the Weston School Provide Meals?

Answer: Yes, we provide our students with high-quality, nutritious meals daily. 

3. Does Weston School Provide Before and After-School Care?

Answer: The Weston School understands that working parents have busy schedules and a mile-long to-do list. Our before- and after-school daycare program is a safe and fun place for your students to relax before school or refuel after a long day.