The smell of fresh cut grass and barbeques, the sight of newly sprung flowers and tree tops, spring is finally about to make its entrance after a chilly winter! With this warmer weather also comes an opportunity for children to play outside and get some fresh air after being cooped up for the last several months. Here are three of the best learning activities for children this spring as they are out enjoying warmer weather.

For a student, field trips are one of the most anticipated events in their school year. While it is enjoyable, they also receive valuable learning experiences that happen away from the classroom and create lasting memories that will further enhance their education. For learning purposes, the benefits of field trips are endless! Here are four of the top places Indiana students love that provide a excellent learning experiences:

What can you do to enhance kids’ learning when they’re not in school?

  • Make the most of everyday opportunities. Each trip to the grocery store is a chance for kids to learn about math, vocabulary, or where things come from. Bath times are great beginning lessons in physics and practice in motor skills. Story time with a brief discussion afterward helps them grow in reading comprehension as well as a love of books.