9 Fun Ideas to Teach Kids About Growth & Plants

Bean in a Bag

This one is a classic and for good reason. It is an excellent way for kids to visually understand how a seed becomes a plant. All you need are plastic bags, lima beans, cotton balls, and water. Soak the lima beans in water overnight, line the bottom of the bag with cotton balls saturated with water, drop in your bean, and watch it grow!

plant_in_boxThe Plant Maze

This is a neat idea to show your kids that plants will always grow towards the light. Click here to learn how to make your own plant maze!

Plant a Rainbow

Using a flat, organize your flowers by colors of the rainbow don’t forget ROY-G-BIV!

Egg Carton Starters

Show your kids how plants go from seeds to vegetables. Using the bottom section of an egg carton, feel each with dirt and water, and then let your kids place a seed or two in each section. Place it in a sunny spot inside and watch it grow! When big enough take them outside and plant them in your garden or flowerpot. By fall, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

ga_petDIY Chia Pet

Everyone knows what a Chia Pet is, but did you know it is easy to make your own? Learn how! 


What Do Plants Need to Grow?

Sun, Soil, and Water. For this experiment you will need four small plant containers and seeds. Plant one seed in watered soil and place in the sunlight, plant a second seed in soil and place in a dark area, plant a third seed without soil in a damp planter and place in sunlight. Watch and see which plants grow and which do not, showing your kids what plants need.

paint_cupsLearn How Plants Absorb Water

For this one you’ll need cabbage, food coloring, and jars. Fill the jars with water and then dye each with different food colorings. Place a piece of cabbage in each jar and watch them change colors!

Which Plants Grow Faster?

Plan a variety of seeds in a flat, have the kids measure the plants each day to track their growth. Were the plants that grew the fastest in week 1 the same as the ones from week 4?

potato_plantPotato in a Glass

Display all the phases of development in one simple experiment. The kids will see the potato begin to grow roots and then start to flower! Just follow these simple instructions.