10 Fun Activities to Keep Kids Learning All Summer

During the summer, kids forget a lot of what they learn at school. Keep them sharp and ahead of the game through fun and educational activities. Don’t worry, we’ll keep the “educational” part between us. Here are 10 fun activities for you and your child:

1. Go to the park

Taking your child to the park exposes them to nature instead of the techy stuff most kids use nowadays. Also, it gives you an opportunity to teach your child about different things such as trees, birds, the sky, etc. Who knows? Your child might even make new friends at the park.

2.  Go to the beach

Feeling more adventurous? Take it a step further and go to the beach! Your child will be able to learn about different types of sea critters while wading in the sea with them. Splash!

3.  Bake some pastries 

Baking is a fun way to get your child familiar with the kitchen. It may be messy, but at least your child will be able to tell the difference between the oven and the microwave right?

4.  Create crafts

Creativity is something we should encourage in children. Unlike academics, art is something where there is no wrong or right answers. They would learn how to express themselves freely.

5.  Play a game of I Spy

Think of objects that would start with every letter of the alphabet. This way, your child would learn letters and words without even knowing it! Teach your child numbers as well by asking them to help you keep score.

6.  Visit a museum

Any kind of museum will do. The different pieces would be sure to catch your child’s attention. Give them information about the pieces that they seem to like the most. Be ready for the “ooohs” and “ahhhs.”

7.  Play charades

This is sure to have both of you and your child laughing! It will encourage your child to be creative and clever as well. Make sure to make sure that the things you and your child have to guess are easy

8.  Go to the zoo

The zoo is a fun way for your child to learn about animals and wildlife. What better way to study animals than to see them in their (almost) natural habitat?

9.  Go to a theme park

As un-educational as this sounds, theme parks are a great way to teach your child about physics. Explain to them what makes a roller coaster or ferris wheel works!

10. Perform Science experiments 

There are many experiment kits for kids sold at many stores. Before buying these, make sure to read reviews and check the ingredients of the substances to make sure they’re safe for your child. I don’t think you’d want your child to start glowing in the dark. Yikes!

Have a great, fun-filled summer!