Why did you chose ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center? "The professionalism. I really like the professionalism of the environment and of the staff. The place is clean, the staff is friendly, and we are all professionally dressed." What is your favorite activity to do with the children? "I really enjoy doing art with the children. The messy fun is a great way to get the kids involved. I love being creative with art because there is so much that you can do to grasp the children’s interests." What education do you have and goals

Why did you choose ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center? “ I saw that there is room for growth in the company” What is your favorite activity to do with the children? “I enjoy large group activities” What education do you have and goals do you have in regards to your education? “I graduate in December 2017 with my associates in Early  Childhood Education from Indiana Wesleyan University.  One day, I would like to be a Director at a childcare center.” What is your favorite thing about ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center?  “ I love the staff and

Summer has arrived and with that so has the million dollar question - what will I do to keep these kids from saying they are bored every 10 seconds?  Lucky for you, there are actually a great deal of activities in our community for parents with children.  And even better, many of them won’t break the bank! Several activities are well suited for children of all ages.  The most obvious that comes to mind is the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  Consistently ranked top in the nation, it offers activities for infants and