Indiana Activities for Babies & Kids

Summer has arrived and with that so has the million dollar question – what will I do to keep these kids from saying they are bored every 10 seconds?  Lucky for you, there are actually a great deal of activities in our community for parents with children.  And even better, many of them won’t break the bank!

Several activities are well suited for children of all ages.  The most obvious that comes to mind is the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  Consistently ranked top in the nation, it offers activities for infants and toddlers all the way to preteens.  You never know, you as an adult might actually enjoy it as well!  It is sure to have an activity for every child in your household.

Another great activity for all age ranges is painting and crafts, which can be done right in your home on those rainy days!  Infants and toddlers can be given finger paints, and older kids can be given water colors and tempera paints.  There is a great deal of benefit from doing activities like this.  It helps with fine motor skills and allows kids to be creative.

In addition to these activities, there are several that are specific to certain age ranges.  Check out the ideas below!


Infant to 2 Years Old

  • Find a class around the community to take your infant or toddler to.  Indy’s Child has a great resource that provides a range of classes from music and dancing to swimming and yoga.
  • Check out one of the many Splash Pads around our communities.  You will be surprised to learn of all the options available for you on a hot summer day!


Ages 3 to 5

  • Visit Kid Ink Children’s Bookstore in Indianapolis to check out a free story time!  They also have author’s regularly come to the store to read to children.
  • Stay home with a bucket of sidewalk chalk and let their imagination go wild.  This is also a great way to practice shapes, colors, ABCs and counting.
  • Don’t let the rain deter you from having fun with your kids!  There are several great indoor activities to do with your kids when it is raining.  One of those is “The Park” at Trader’s Point. It boasts climbing tunnels, trampolines, rock climbing walls, basketball courts, and several different slides.  You will definitely be impressed!


Ages 7 to 9

  • A great outdoor activity for parents with children is the Treehouses at Flat Fork Creek.  Located in Fishers, the park is open from Dusk to Dawn.  There are several tree houses and obstacle activities to explore, as well as a wildflower patch where you are allowed to pick flowers from.
  • Another great outdoor activity for children that is tucked away in Noblesville is Conner Prairie. This has activities for all age group, but seems to fit really well in the first to fourth grade age range.  Conner Prairie is an outdoor living museum that teaches children about history.  If you haven’t been, you are truly missing out!
  • Be sure to check out these awesome playgrounds right here in Indiana!  Your kids will definitely not be disappointed.


Ages 10 to 12

  • Eagle Creek Park is a great place to take the kiddos.  They have great hiking and biking trails of all different experience levels.  Be sure to check out their Upcoming Events page to see all the family friendly activities they have for parents with children.
  • One feature of Eagle Creek Park that is awesome for kids 10 years and older is Go Ape.  This is an amazing tree top course full of zip lines and other obstacles! It is sure to be a hit with your kiddos!
  • Do you have a sports buff on your hands?  Be sure to check out the NCAA Hall of Champions located in Indianapolis.  The museum not only provides a historical aspect, but also gives a hands on simulation of several different sports.

As you can see, there are many activities for parents with children to do around Indiana.  You can check out an even more expansive list of activities here.  Be sure to get out this summer and explore Indiana with your kiddos!