Meet Breanna, our new Assistant Director in Avon

IMG_5820Why did you chose ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center?
“I chose ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center because the upper management and the owner, Nazli, really showed that they cared about their staff and their company.”

What is your favorite thing about working for us?
“ My favorite thing about working for ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center is seeing all the kids smiling faces as they come in every morning.”

What is your favorite activity to do with the children?
“My favorite activity to do with the children is art. I love to see how they express themselves personally through art.”

What are your hobbies?
“My hobbies are playing with my dog, reading, and sewing.”

Why did you choose early childhood development?

“I chose Early Childhood Education because children are always curious to grow and learn, and I wanted to be the one that taught them!”

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