Being a parent is one of the greatest accomplishments a person will ever achieve in their life.  With parenthood comes lots of decisions, some of which will pale in comparison to others. Some decisions, such as where you choose to send your child to preschool, will have an impact for years to come.  The hope is that the preschool you choose for your child will have a positive impact, not only in their educational success, but also in their social, emotional, and overall well being.  The ABCs and 123s Learning

Why did you chose ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center? When I came in for an interview, I felt like we were one big family. I felt really invited and there was a warm feeling with the staff and children. I really enjoyed coming in and seeing all of the smiling faces and being with the friendly and professional staff here. What is your favorite activity to do with the children? Being in the Three’s, I love doing the “Dinosaur March”. The kids get so involved and have so much fun marching around