Teacher Spotlight: Kacey

Kacey joined ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center in November of 2014.  During this short time, she has excelled in our Pre-Kindergarten classroom.  Kacey is currently working towards her Child Development Associates.

She stated that her favorite part of her job is, “teaching the children something new.  Teaching them gives me a positive feeling and I’m happy knowing I’ve contributed to someone’s life in a way”.
Kacey loves to do science and sensory activities.  She enjoys watching the children’s faces when there is a reaction to an experiment.  When asked why she enjoys working here, she stated, “This place feels as if it is one big family, especially with the class.  The children give me joy day to day .  It’s a rarity to come across a job you love that provides both connection with your coworkers and great relationships with your students”.  Kacey is a valued employee and we are so glad to have her as part of our team.