Preschool Redefined: The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood is a crucial stage of life when it comes to physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. Because the growth of mental and physical abilities progresses at an astounding rate, it is extremely important to find a professional childcare provider that promotes these new experiences.

During the first three years of their lifetime, you are the main influence in your child’s learning experience and education. What you expose your children to has a significant impact on their development. While it may be hard to find a childcare provider that you trust, a great one will help you to give children a strong educational foundation for the future. A strong early childhood curriculum can enhance your child’s development and school-preparedness through aspects such as speech and play.


Because the first words that toddlers learn are normally the names of the people and things around them, it is important to expose them to words and experiences that will broaden vocabulary. Next, they generally learn words that are associated with actions. This development usually occurs in the second year of life and childcare providers can provide additional support through age appropriate curriculum. Helping your infants and toddlers grow in language and literacy is priceless and only when they start to have the words that describe their world are they opened to the grand world of creativity and ideas.


While a strong emphasis should be placed on academic development, it is also important to incorporate play into early childhood curriculum. Child development experts agree that play is extremely valuable in the development of all children. Playing helps children learn relationship and social skills, develop motor skills, and practice problem solving, reasoning, and creativity. It also allows children to experience the school setting in a positive light and look forward to learning.

A quality childcare provider is much more than daycare. It has never been more important to choose a childcare center that is focused on promoting growth in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers that helps them reach vital developmental milestones. By providing a high-quality early childhood education, you can start your children on a path that prepares them for the exciting academic journey ahead.