Noblesville Teacher Spotlight: Meet Ms. Chelsea (3’s & Pre-K)

preview-full-screenshot-2017-01-17-12-39-11Why did you chose ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center?


“Being able to work with kids keeps the sunshine in my life, and knowing I can make a difference is a huge deal to me.”

What is your favorite activity to do with the children?


“I like to be able to act like a kid myself and have fun throughout the day!”

What education do you have and goals do you have in regards to your education?


“I have completed my CDA and will be renewing it soon. I look forward to learning more through  trainings and staff meetings here.”


What is your favorite thing about ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center?


“I love that staff gets recognized and I feel appreciated by the management team here, which pushes me to work even harder. I also just love being with the kids.”

What are your hobbies?


“I like to exercise and participate in workout classes. I like to travel, and one of my favorite places to visit is Seattle. I enjoy spending time with my nephews and family.”