Find a Childcare Provider Who Puts Your Family First!

There are many options out there for childcare, but they don’t all offer the same services to students and families, or have the values you may be looking for. One of these values is a focus on family. You will want to search for a childcare provider and preschool that puts your family first in their attitude and also in tangible ways. Here are a few things to look for:

Your Child’s Safety

  • Thorough background checks (state and federal)
  • First Aid and CPR certification for all teachers
  • State licensed and beyond
  • Other certifications and recommendations, like Indiana’s Paths to Quality

Your Schedule

  • Flexible morning and evening hours
  • Afterschool care for school-aged students
  • Updated calendar of schedule and events

Parent Involvement

  • Holiday parties and other events for parents to join in
  • Easy communication with parents
  • Easy access to lesson plans
  • Parents are welcome to tour the facility

Parents and family are the most important people in the life and development of a child and an excellent childcare provider will understand that and will put forth extra effort to make sure they support their students’ home life and parent involvement.