Daycare vs. Preschool: What’s the Difference?

When parents decide that they want their infant or toddler to attend a childcare facility, they often start to wonder if a preschool or a daycare would offer a better environment for their child. There are great benefits for both depending on your personal schedule and budget. However, having your child attend a preschool may prove to be beneficial for both his/her academic strength and your personal schedule. Here are a few of the significant differences between daycares and preschools:

Educational Field Trips

Every child needs a learning experience that takes place away from the classroom. This is why field trips are designed not only to offer a fun time for children but also to provide a valuable learning experience. Generally, preschools will offer a better variety of field trips that will give your child an experience that he/she will never forget. In addition, they tend to offer better supervision which keeps your child safer and happier.


When it comes to the quality of the curriculum, preschools are able to offer an engaging piece of education that introduces a child to oral language, letters, words, math, puzzles, culture concepts, and social experiences that daycares don’t generally offer. Lastly, a play-based segment within the curriculum is something most preschools are now adopting that originated from daycares. Having this segment enhances social and motor skills that are necessary to further academic success.


On the top of most parents’ priority list, teachers are a very important piece to your child’s education. While organizational structures differ between daycares and preschools, preschools generally staff more qualified teachers who are more capable of enhancing your child’s academic journey.

An important element to search for when touring  a prospective childcare facility is the attitude of the teachers and staff. Happier teachers stay longer and perform their jobs at a much more meaningful level. Regardless of where you are searching, the culture of the childcare facility and the hospitality of the staff are some of the most important things to recognize and observe. Putting family first is the key to a great education for your child.