Benefits of Sending Your School-Ager to Summer Camp

“Marco!” you yell. “Polo!” comes the response. “Marco!” you repeat. And again “Polo!” This time though the reply is closer. You struggle to move through the water with eyes closed and arms outstretched hoping to just reach someone trying to slip by. “Marco!” again you yell. “Polo!” is the response all around you, one voice louder than the rest coming from right behind you. You spin around swinging your arm and just tag a foot as they try to dive away. Opening your eyes you see your new best friend that you met at camp. Both laughing, a new round starts and the back and forth continues as kids dart around the pool just evading the one yelling, “Marco!”


You may have similar stories from your time at camp. Fun times with new friends that you made and all the things you did together over the summer.  But, why should you send your kids to camp? What are the benefits? Summer camp is a great time to unplug for kids that are constantly bombarded in this tech heavy culture. And to focus on being more independent and getting physical activity outdoors, something that is becoming less and less prevalent today. It’s also a time to make new friends and learn to work and socialize with others.

While technology, like smart phones, the Internet and even TV, is nice for entertaining kids, it can also hinder creativity. When kids unplug and reengage with the world they start to rediscover that creativity and enjoy the world around them. Making friends, playing outside, learning to do things on their own, are all important as they grow up.

Physical activity
We spend way too much time sitting and staring at a screen and this is no different for kids. But it is so important for them to get out and move. Camp is a great way for them to be active. Swimming, running, climbing, and playing games are just a few ways kids can get physical activity. Not only is this fun, but it also helps them stay healthy.

As kids grow up, it is important for them to learn independence. Being able to make decisions for themselves and be responsible are things they will need to do everyday as an adult. Camp provides the perfect place for kids to practice doing things on their own. Managing daily tasks will create a new sense of freedom and responsibility for them.

Social Skills
Learning to work with others as a team is a vital lesson to learn. This takes attention away from the individual and lets them focus on the team and benefitting others. Being able to think of others will also help in building relationships and make new friends. Camp is a great place for kids to practice this on their own with the guidance of teachers to help mediate any conflicts. Learning to work with others will be invaluable in life.

Summer camp is a great way for kids to grow and gain useful skills for the future. It will help them become more responsible as they develop into young adults.

Sign your kids up today!