Nazli Khan


Beginning out of her own home, Nazli Khan met a great need for quality childcare and the demand for her childcare services quickly grew. In 1989 she elevated her business to a new professional level and launched her first commercial location of ABC’s and 123’s Learning Center. Nazli’s motherly instincts and business education have proved to lead ABC’s and 123’s Learning Center in a direction that benefits children socially, cognitively, and physically.

Nazli Khan started her career as an auditor in the banking industry. When she had her first child she began to look for child care in Indianapolis. After looking into all the child care providers in her area, she was extremely disappointed in what she found. The health and safety conditions of the buildings and classrooms were substandard. The teaching staff showed a lack of care and concern for the children they cared for and the administrators did not foster good relationships with parents. Feeling a maternal need to provide her children with the best child care combined with a need to help support her family financially, Nazli began an at home child care service in 1986.

She started with 15 children at her home. Three years later, in 1989, she leased a building to elevate her business to a professional level. With the success of the first location, in 1996 ABCs & 123s expanded to construct a building in Avon Indiana. As the word of mouth spread about the quality in childcare, pre-kindergarten education and parent relationships that ABCs & 123s provided to the Indianapolis and Avon communities, so did the demand for the company to expand further. In 1999 the company opened its third location on the North West side of Indianapolis. As the city of Avon grew so did the demand for the quality service that ABCs & 123s provided. In 2006 the company constructed an addition to the Avon location that doubled its capacity. ABCs & 123s has always been an industry leader in the standards of education, environment and teaching staff. This is why ABCs & 123s has been successful since its opening over 24 years ago.