10 Reasons to Raise Kids in Indiana

You’ve seen lists of best places to live in the US or world, but there’s no need to pick up and move.  Here are ten fantastic reasons that Indiana is a great place to raise your family!
1. Easy access to surrounding states and centrally located airport
Indiana is right in the heart of the midwest.  It’s just a few hours to Ohio, Michigan, Chicago, and the hills of Tennessee.  Indianapolis is also a major airport hub and can get you just about anywhere.
2.  Fairs, festivals, & parades
Whether it’s the changing of the seasons, a holiday, or a fundraiser, Indiana communities always find a reason to come together and make something fun!
3.  Food & Agriculture
Kids need to know where are food comes from and most in Indiana do!  We have a rich history of agriculture and a growing community of small, local farms.
4. Sports
 Hoosiers are known to love basketball (obviously), but we also have a great variety of athletic opportunities for men, women, kids, and adaptive sports teams for people with disabilities.  Oh yeah, and Go Colts!
5. Internationally recognized Children’s Museum
This is pretty cool for kids of all ages, and it’s right here in Indianapolis!
6. Higher education options
Indiana has over 200 colleges. Students can choose from elite 4-year schools, small private universities, community colleges, vocational training programs, and more.
7. Music and the arts
Although we’re not often perceived as a hot spot for the arts, Indiana continues to produce many successful musicians, actors, and other artists.  Our kids can be experience to culture and art
8. Awesome state & local parks
This is one of our favorites! Indiana is rich in wildlife, forests, meadows, wetlands, sandy beaches, and even caves and rock formations.  There’s no shortage of outdoor learning opportunities!
9. Low cost of living
The most practical reason on our list, this makes it easier for families with a wide range of incomes to thrive. In 2016, Indiana ranked in the top three lowest cost of living states.
10. Seasons
Unlike many US states, Indiana has the benefit of seeing all four seasons in their fullness, from bright orange autumns, to snowy winters, sunny summers, and flowering springs.