10 Creative Gifts for Kids in 2015

We’ve all seen the mega lists with the “Hottest Toys for 2015!” that come out every year. While these are a fine place to look for gifts, we want to give our parents other options, ones that can be more creative, educational, and a little different than the latest fad.

We’ve carefully selected every toy on this list to be between $15 and $100, so there’s something for everyone!



Budsies brings your child’s drawing to plush life. All you have to do is send them a picture and they’ll create a plush toy version of the drawing. They also have Budsies Selfies which create human plushes based on the pictures you send, and next year will launch Budsies Petsies.

Quiver App for iOS and Android


Quiver comes with specially-made coloring picture packs that you can download and print out. Once they’re colored, point the camera at them and the images come to life on your device. There are even educational packages with pictures like different cell types, volcanos, and more.

Boogie Board Ewriters


Scribbling, notes, and drawing without the mess. Boogie Boards have an LCD screen and a stylus that function like a high-tech piece of paper. A single button erases the page, making space to scribble again. It’s perfect for road trips or traveling.

Gravity Maze Game


Have fun and build spatial thinking skills at the same time. Build towers that redirect marbles in different directions, then rearrange the towers to get your marble to the goal first. It comes with 60 different arrangements to keep the game interesting.

Tegu Magnetic Building Blocks


Building blocks are great. Magnets are great. Combing the two of them makes an even greater toy. The magnets hold the block together in positions where other blocks would fall, opening up new construction and creative options to tiny minds.

Crayola Paint Maker


The paint maker won a variety of toy awards when it made its debut last year, and it’s still a favorite. The paint maker lets your children combine colors to create their own custom paint. And parents can breathe a sigh of relief: all of the paint is washable.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition


If your kid’s been begging for a tablet of their own, then this is a good option. The kids edition comes with 1 year of Amazon FreeTime unlimited and in a kid-proof case. The best part? It comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee. If it gets broken, then they’ll replace it for free. No questions asked.

Chalkboard Placemats


Making a mess at mealtime is just part of being a kid. These placemats make it easy for your child to unleash their creativity at the table with chalk instead of food. They even travel well to make going to restaurants easier.

Personalized Books


Build a lifetime love of reading by putting your child in the story. Customized books have been around for years, but modern versions give you more options than ever. Coloring books, best-selling books, favorite franchises, and more can all be customized to have your child star in them.

Kidizoom ActionCam


A GoPro camera is just a little too delicate to give to a kid, and a little too expensive. The Kidizoom is the perfect alternative. It’s built in a durable case designed to withstand abuse and attach easily to things, and at a price that’s less of a hit than a GoPro.

And it you really want to break the bank…


Just get them a ball pit for $300.  This more than breaks the $100 roof, but we just had to include it. Because every kid loves a ball pit.