Do I need to bring food for my child?

No, all food is provided by the center.  We accommodate documented allergy needs and most preferences, in which case, we provide an appropriate substitute. This ensures the safety of all children with dietary needs and allergies.

Who will be caring for my child all day?

Each class has an assigned teacher(s) who will be familiar with all of your child’s needs.

How many kids are in each classroom?

This will vary depending upon the age group.  All classrooms follow the licensing regulations regarding the ratio. Infants have eight children to two teachers (4:1). Toddlers and Two’s have 10 children to two teachers. (5:1). Two & 1/2’s have 14 children to two teachers (7:1). Three-year-olds have 20 children to two teachers (10:2). Four-year-olds have 24 children to two teachers (24:2).  School-age classes have 15 children to one teacher (5 years to 12) or 20 children to one teacher (6 years to 12)

How do teachers handle discipline with my child?

If a child is having a behavioral struggle, the teacher will talk with the child face-to-face and discuss the situation at hand. If the child needs help calming down, the teacher will assist with this so the situation can be solved. No time out is used. If the child struggles with calming down or needs a moment to themselves, a quiet area is used to help bring emotions down which will allow the teacher to assist in solving the problem. We keep our parents informed of any behavioral challenges we are unable to resolve and create a behavior action plan with our parents to ensure we partner together to correct the behavior.

Will my child be learning and preparing for kindergarten?

Yes, at every age of classroom, from infants to Pre-K, we use our curriculum [link to curriculum page – open in separate window] to educate and develop our kiddos. Each classroom serves to accomplish developmentally appropriate milestones and prepares the child for the next phase of learning.  As the children move through our different age classrooms, they are being prepared for our Pre-K classroom, which is focused on being successful in kindergarten and beyond. Through our unique assessment process, we work with our parents to track our progress to make sure their child will have success in school and success in life.

Are there cameras in the classrooms?

Yes, we have a monitor system in our lobby free for anyone to watch at anytime. All classrooms have camera and audio in every classroom so that we can see and hear how well our teachers are doing with our young learners.

How do you monitor who comes in and out of the school?

Each center has a double door system. Once you enter the first set of doors, everyone is required to a fingerprinting authorization to open the second set of doors. If they are not registered, you will ring a doorbell and a member of management will assist you.

What kind of curriculum do you use?

We use our LEAP Program.  The LEAP Program includes the industry-expert, research-based Creative Curriculum, Spanish, American Sign Language, Grace and Courtesy behavior and developmentally appropriate activities for each child enrolled.

Does ABC’s and 123’s participate in the voucher program?

Yes, we currently accept CCDF vouchers, and On My Way to PreK vouchers

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