Parents of kids with separation anxiety know just how difficult school drop off can be in the mornings. Kids may cry, plead, scream, or cling to their parents during this time, even though most of them are fine as soon as their parents leave their sight. The fear and anxiety some kids feel about this can be overwhelming to parents, who might feel doubt and uncertainty. Are we doing the right thing? Is she ready? How can I help him be more confident and less afraid? As childcare providers, we understand

  “Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more.” -Loris Malaguzzi While standardized tests are increasingly focused on the mechanics of reading, writing, and numeracy, parents and teachers everywhere also recognize the critical capacity of creativity. Far from being limited to the realm of artistic expression (as important as that is), creativity in children and adults manifests itself as: Flexibility and willingness to adapt to new circumstances. Problem-solving when formulas fail to produce the desired results. Making connections between

Here are five ways to help your kids thrive before five: 1. Engage them in conversation. Children are constantly learning. And how to have and hold a conversation is a vital piece of their development. So how you talk to them and how they see you communicate to others is how they will also begin to communicate. Not only will this help them later in life to talk to people, but it will also help them to learn to express themselves. Whether it is how they are feeling at the time

  With an ever-increasing number of families dependent on both parents to bring in income, the need for quality childcare continues to be in high demand. With so many options and providers to sift through, how can you know if you’re making the right decision for your family? Let this short list of options help you decide which path is right for you. What is a preschool, what is a daycare, and how do they differ? Both preschool and daycare offer a place for your children to be supervised during their parents’ working

Developing friendships is an important life skill—one that seems very natural, but can actually be difficult to teach.  Good friends build our self-esteem, help us understand who we are, support and encourage us, and show us how to care about others.  On the flip side, learning to cope with the negative aspects of having friends, such as differences in opinion or broken trust are just as important. Help your child learn to become a better friend by practicing skills like: Understanding. Teaching your child to consider different perspectives and viewpoints is both

We’ve all seen the mega lists with the “Hottest Toys for 2015!” that come out every year. While these are a fine place to look for gifts, we want to give our parents other options, ones that can be more creative, educational, and a little different than the latest fad. We’ve carefully selected every toy on this list to be between $15 and $100, so there’s something for everyone!